One Stop Tek's Story:

We offer solutions to your technology needs..

One Stop Tek opened in Las Vegas, Nv in June 2011.

Owner Ryan Burr started as a residential PC service company advertising on craigslist.org and handing out flyers. He quickly got a solid client base and word quickly spread about  him and his company. One Stop Tek Shop is based on our knowledge and professionalism. Once Ryan completed  Microsoft Security, Network, and certifications he started working on web design to add more value to his current and future clients. The start of 2012 One Stop Tek Shop started offering services to business owners. The company is  never standing still and has continued adding to the services we offer including web hosting, web development, software development, Custom PC building , and  Logo design. The vision was to create a “ONE STOP SHOP” to get all the related services together from a single company.  With our eclectic set of skills we can help companies reach new and exciting growth.  We worry about all your IT needs. This way you can focus on what is important. Your company your business!

Ryan Burr

The founder of One Stop Tek

Ask your self "how do you view technology in your business?"  For example  Is it complicated? and it can hassel to deal with?  Who do you consult? Are they honest and reliable help?

Tech expert Ryan Burr has seen the industry change and knows how to adapt your business to leverage technology to increase your business profits. With over 15 years experience the goal is to find what will improve what you are currently doing. The goal is to bring technology in using software and hardware readily available to make your business operations run in a smooth suffient way to make your day easier.

Ryan has extensive knowledge in building Websites, brands, businesses, and I.T. security. With ongoing education in that changing and need of demand to keep evolving. He helps educated the customers on what is available. He listens to your concerns, optimizes what your business needs to function in a easier more sufficient and reliable manor. Ryan will never just tell you want you want to hear he will however tell you the facts based on experience and education.  He has been recognized by: Thumbtack.com rated him #1 in Computer consultants, Social media marketing, Computer organizers, and Security consultant for 2015. Henderson Award Program honored the achievement to Ryan Burr in 2015 for the computer consultant of the year. He has also been featured on nbc.com as a business and money saving expert.

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